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Newport High School Baseball -- Bellevue, WA
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Alumni Archive (1965-2017)
Year Player's Name College Pro
2017 Alex Lambeau Loyola Marymount Univ.  
2017 Weston Miller College of Idaho  
2017 Jordan Stone Skagit Valley CC  
2016 Bryce Beck Yakima Valley CC  
2016 AJ Block Washington State Univ. Drafted by Cubs 39th Rd.
2016 John Molenda Clark College  
2015 Vinny Guinasso Tacoma CC / Central Washington Univ.  
2015 Ryan Kingma Whitworth Univ.  
2015 Ethan Paul Vanderbilt Univ. Drafted by Pirates 26th Rd.
2015 Todd Reese Lower Columbia College / Concordia Univ.  
2014 Nolan Anderson Claremont McKenna College  
2014 Sumair Shah Chapman Univ.  
2013 Ryan Darrow Univ. of Puget Sound  
2013 Jake Rosen Linfield Univ.  
2012 Nate Anderson Bellevue College  
2012 Jacob Chinery Edmonds CC  
2012 Billy Sahlinger Univ. of Portland  
2012 Aaron Sandefur Bellevue College / Univ. of Pittsburgh  
2011 Daniel Altchech Pacific Lutheran Univ.  
2011 Jared Fisher Univ. of Washington Phillies (A)
2011 Zach Holcomb Willamette Univ.  
2011 Lee Stoops Linn-Benton CC / Central Christian  
2011 Cole Wiper Univ. of Oregon Rangers (AA)
2010 Joey Gale Linfield Univ.  
2010 Jeff Gonzales Univ. of Washington / Bellevue College / Central Washington Univ.  
2010 Trace Tam Sing Washington State Univ. Pirates (AAA)
2009 Brandon Andreini Skagit Valley CC  
2009 Brad Binder Menlo College, CA  
2009 Colin Hering Bellevue College / Coastal Carolina Univ. Dodgers (A)
2008 Collin Bennett Tacoma CC/ Univ. of Hawaii  
2008 Nate Eisenhauer Pacific Lutheran Univ.  
2008 Blake Gibbs Oregon State Univ. / Chico State Univ.  
2008 Ned Jones Yakima Valley CC  
2008 Will Pierce Tacoma CC / Menlo College  
2007 CJ Dailey Tacoma CC / Menlo College  
2007 Dakota Resnik Univ. of Puget Sound  
2006 Brian Buckham Bellevue CC / Chico State Univ.  
2006 Ben Harty Skagit Valley CC / New Mexico St. Univ.  
2006 Trent Henderson Skagit Valley CC Drafted by Astros 37th Rd.
2006 Matt Kutoff Yakima Valley CC  
2006 Jason Moseby Bellevue CC / Western Oregon Univ. Drafted by Pirates 19th Rd.
2005 Jason Kim Central Washington Univ. / De Anza CC  
2004 Brandon Eslava Shoreline CC  
2004 Josh Scofield Southern Nevada CC / Texas Tech Univ. / Univ. of Washington Drafted by Pirates 46th Rd.
2003 AJ Jorg Shoreline CC / Univ. of Puget Sound  
2003 Jeff Miller Washington St. Univ.  
2003 Randy Nash Gonzaga Univ.  
2003 Koji Pupo Univ. of Nevada Las Vegas  
2002 Greg Goetz Bellevue CC Reds (A)
2002 Jeff James Bellevue CC / Univ. of Washington  
2002 Jay Miller Washington St. Univ. Phillies (AA)
2001 Eric Dworkis Gonzaga Univ. / Univ. of California Drafted by Giants 45th Rd.
2001 Zack Franklin Washington St. Univ.  
2001 Matt Johnson Georgetown Univ.  
2001 Rommie Lewis   Blue Jays (Major Leagues)
2000 Tripper Johnson   Orioles (AA) / Pirates (AA)
2000 Lee Mezistrano Bellevue CC / North Carolina St. Univ. Independent
2000 Panch Romero Santa Clara Univ.  
1999 Gio Pupo Univ. of Nevada Las Vegas  
1998 Sam Chamaty Central Washington Univ.  
1998 Michael Cooney Linfield Univ.  
1998 Taylor Grant Univ. of Washington Drafted by Twins 43rd Rd.
1998 Collin Perschon Bellevue CC / Lewis Clark St. Univ. Drafted by Mets 13th Rd.
1998 Paul Snyder Bellevue CC / Oklahoma City Univ.  
1997 Will Kilmer Bellevue CC / Central Washington Univ.  
1997 Marc Rittenhouse Univ. of Washington Marlins (A)
1997 Brian Wood Centralia CC  
1996 Mark Thomas Bellevue CC / Lewis-Clark State College  
1995 Travis Anderson Univ. of Washington Astros (AA)
1995 Dom Crispo Bellevue CC / Univ. of San Diego  
1995 Burke Eathorne Willamette Univ.  
1995 Adam Rittenhouse Bellevue CC / Oklahoma City Univ. Independent
1995 Mike Wirrick Brigham Young Univ.  
1993 Ernie Granville Lassen CC, CA  
1991 Todd Hollandsworth 1996 MLB Rookie of the Year Dodgers (Major Leagues)
1990 Jason Rittenhouse Bellevue CC / Central Washington Univ.  
1990 Bryan Townley Bellevue CC / Central Washington Univ.  
1989 Chris Cooper Bellevue CC  
1988 Tony Detter Stanford Univ.  
1988 Brad Files Mesa CC  
1988 Steve Gajkowski Bellevue CC Mariners (Major Leagues)
1988 Troy Jerome Bellevue CC / Eastern Oregon Univ.  
1987 Brad Dougan Central Washington Univ.  
1987 Doug Miller Univ. of Washington  
1987 Erik Plantenberg San Diego St. Univ. Mariners (Major Leagues)
1985 Jim Connor Washington St. Univ.  
1985 Tom Garrett Bellevue CC  
1985 JD Sonnevill Bellevue CC  
1983 Troy Anderson Whitworth Univ.  
1983 Jeff Hooper Washington St. Univ. Mariners (AA)
1983 Andy Olson Oklahoma St. Univ. / Central Washington Univ.  
1983 Jon Yoshino Univ. of Washington  
1982 Mike Campbell Univ. of Hawaii Cubs (Major Leagues)
1982 Bill Cruikshank Whitworth Univ. / Washington St. Univ.  
1982 Steve Routos Univ. of Washington Drafted by Cardinals 25th Rd.
1981 Brent Blum Centralia CC / Eastern Washington Univ. Yankees (AA)
1981 Arne Brandon Univ. of Washington  
1981 Bill Moore Yale Univ.  
1981 Buddy Munn Centralia CC  
1981 Gus Routos Centralia CC  
1980 Scott Anderson Oregon St. Univ. Rangers (Major Leagues)
1980 Jeff McShane Central Washington Univ.  
1980 Scott McQuilkin Whitworth Univ.  
1979 Jim Clifford Centralia CC  
1979 Tom Gilchrist Washington St. Univ. Drafted by Indians 28th Rd.
1979 Greg Monda Centralia CC / Washington St. Univ. Reds (AAA)
1979 Ron Romanick Arizona St. Univ. Angels (Major Leagues)
1978 Scott Agnew Univ. of Washington  
1978 Tim Betz Eastern Washington Univ.  
1978 Eric Brooks Eastern Washington Univ.  
1977 Scott Nebeker Brigham Young Univ.  
1977 Cliff Pastornicky Brigham Young Univ. Royals (Major Leagues)
1976 Brad Arbaugh Pepperdine Univ.  
1976 Doug Mack Whitworth Univ.  
1976 Jim Simpkins Linfield Univ.  
1975 Blaine Berry Pacific Lutheran Univ.  
1975 Frank Lucarelli Big Bend CC / Western Washington Univ. Dodgers (A)
1975 Mike Patterson Big Bend CC  
1975 Mick Unti Big Bend CC  
1975 Frank Williamson Big Bend CC  
1973 Joe Slaymaker   Brewers (A)
1973 Vito Lucarelli Western Washington Univ. White Sox (AA)
1972 Ken Kanikeberg Bellevue CC / Univ. of Washington  
1971 Terry Agnew Bellevue CC / Univ. of Washington  
1969 Glen Brewer Bellevue CC  
1969 Craig Hale Brigham Young Univ.  
1968 Bruce Keys Univ. of Washington